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I have gathered here very eclectic reading tips with titles from practically all genres. I am also not restricted to a historical time or to a specific country. My only criterion was to recommend books that make a difference in our year of 2021.

1) Mindfulness - A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World - Mark Williams and Danny Penman

Judith Beheading Holofernes — Caravaggio (1598–1599 or 1602)

A truly worthy artist knows how to paint well and imitate nature.
Michelangelo Merisi from Caravaggio.

In the history of Western painting, Caravaggio occupies a unique place. Few geniuses had such an influence on the later development of the visual arts without, yet, leaving a school of their own.


Cover art of The Hnadmaid’s Tale
Cover art of The Hnadmaid’s Tale

In 1985, Canadian writer Margaret Atwood envisioned American democracy transformed into a theocratic and authoritarian country. In the Republic of Gilead, rulers rape maids, women capable of childbearing, to keep their babies. This is the premise of The Handmaid’s Tale, an acclaimed book that inspired the homonymous series produced by…

Deborah M.

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